Gluten Free for anyone ..?

It seems superfluous to have to reiterate it, but we often happen to do it - especially when we find ourselves presenting our products to owners of bars, restaurants, pubs who believe that gluten-free and / or lactose-free products are EXCLUSIVELY indicated for people with specific intolerances .
This is partly true: obviously ALL what is produced by Angel Food is specifically designed, prepared and packaged for people intolerant to gluten (and many products are also lactose-free ).

But this does not mean that anyone can eat a gluten-free and lactose-free pizza, or biscuits with organic raw cane sugar without butter and without wheat flour: it is not contraindicated nor "dangerous" in any way, on the contrary!
Tasting a similar product could rediscover the pleasure of eating for those who do not have specific intolerances overt , but have a particular sensitivity for some ingredients, or not they knew to have it up to that moment ..
Pay attention to the ingredients, however, trying to avoid those products in which the list of ingredients contains a large number of food additives!

It goes without saying, but we do it anyway, that a diet completely without gluten or lactose, in absence of specific intolerances or annoyances, is not recommended. It is one thing - occasionally - to prefer a gluten-free product to a "normal" one - even if only to test the differences - another is to delude oneself that adopting a similar food habit has an immediate positive impact on our psycho-physical wellbeing. The truth is always in the middle , that is, if possible, balancing your diet by keeping it well assorted and rich without sacrifices and without excesses, is the best way to take care of our "machine ".

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