Powdered sugar no!

Why do we never put icing sugar over the gluten-free croissants and bundles that we ship to our customers all over Italy?

We actually tried: at least the very first shipments, with practically zero experience and zero feedback from new customers, contained gluten-free croissants and bundles duly and carefully sprinkled with powdered sugar, Beautiful to see!

But then when the customer received the package and opened it, in front of him there was a scene very little similar to the one we imagined. In fact, during transport, the package and its contents are certainly not placed delicately or moved and handled with care.


The result was that the customer had a quality gluten-free product in their hands, but which seemed to have just been removed from a centrifuge .. The icing sugar was no longer elegantly and delicately placed on the surface of the croissant or gluten-free bundle, but scattered disorderly inside the envelope.

A very unappetizing and professional image.

Since then we have decided to avoid - albeit reluctantly - embellishing and complementing our gluten-free products with powdered sugar or other products that would be easily removed or damaged in transit ..

Obviously, those who come to the Lab to collect the ordered products in person can always ask us to complete our gluten-free delights with a generous sprinkling of icing sugar: we will be happy to finally be able to do it harmlessly!

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