Occhio alla spiga!

Watch out for the ear!

It happens that our new customers ask us if Angel Food products are really gluten-free, since the crossed-out ear logo does not appear on the packaging.

To answer in the most direct and simple way: obviously yes!

The presence of the crossed ear is not mandatory by law, it is "only" an accessory guarantee.

Directly from the website of the Italian Celiac Association:

“In addition to all naturally gluten-free products, celiacs can consume all those products that bear the wording“ gluten-free ”on the label, even if not present in the Handbook or with the ear crossed out. The wording "gluten-free" on the label, in fact, guarantees, by law, the absence of gluten quantities exceeding the threshold limit of 20 ppm, therefore the companies that voluntarily decide to apply it, know they must guarantee the aforementioned limit and be responsible for this requirement.

The Handbook and the Spiga Barrata were born as a response to the need of celiacs to be able to know if a food of current consumption was suitable or not for their diet in a historical moment in which it did not exist. any rule that would allow companies to communicate on the absence of gluten in their products. Today there are European standards, which AIC has helped to define, which allow the voluntary affixing of the wording "gluten-free" on the labels of everyday food products, thus making celiac disease sufferers autonomous in the choice of food. This was an objective of the Association, which we can now define as fully achieved. ”

To consult the AIC page dedicated to this topic click here (EDIT -> the site has been updated recently, and the text quoted above has been modified, but the concept remains the same)

So, in summary, all our products are gluten-free and above all they are produced in laboratories where only gluten-free products are prepared and where ingredients that contain it are absent, thus practically eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.
(P.S .: And anyway we are also organizing ourselves to boast the logo of the crossed ear ...)

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