It all starts with an idea ..

Ours has been from the beginning to offer high quality gluten-free products , which were different from the usual industrial offer. Indeed, that they were better: tastier , because they are prepared in an artisanal way and with the best ingredients; safe , because they are packaged by expert hands in a totally gluten-free laboratory; unique because they are based on original recipes developed in our Laboratory, without commercial mixes or shortcuts; and also beautiful to look at, because they are treated with dedication and passion. All while respecting the nature that surrounds us and enhancing the manual work of the craftsman instead of that of the machine. A constantly evolving offer thanks to tireless work of research and development of the product, always and only gluten-free ..

Find out what an artisanal product means
  • It's all our own flour!

    Our products are truly handmade! We do not use commercial mixes or ready-made semi-finished products, created by others: all our recipes are the result of a continuous work of research & development of the product.

  • No to compromises

    We prepare exclusively products gluten-free , so as to avoid risky cross-contamination . No preservatives, emulsifiers or dyes of any kind, for a label as short, clear and clean as possible .

  • Password: quality

    New recipes, rebalanced and recalibrated to decrease the quantity of starches and sugars and increase that of whole wheat or noble flours, fiber and protein. And products from our territory : honey, buckwheat, eggs, etc., etc.


    Quality raw materials (.. but who would write otherwise?!?) and above all local ones, such as fresh eggs, different types of honey, buckwheat, butter, milk, corn flour, etc. But also no preservatives or dyes.


    We like to learn: new recipes, new products to offer our customers. We are curious about everything that happens in the gluten-free world, and not only in that, to continuously renew what we do.


    We exclusively prepare gluten-free products and only in an artisanal way. It means that the risk of cross contamination is zero and that most of the work is still done by hand.


    You will not find two identical cookies or two identical croissants, because they are handmade, one by one. But they will all be delicious, because our "mission" (they say so, right?) Is to strive to offer the best. Always.


    We offer products, but also solutions and ideas, the result of study and experience in the HoReCa sector. But also the courtesy and kindness of those who do this job with pleasure and know the value of a genuine smile.


    Consumables and packaging are designed by giving priority to environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable products: not because doing so is "trendy", but because it is terribly late and there is still a lot to do.

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Experience and professionalism

We are a reference partner for the supply of artisan quality gluten-free and lactose-free products for shops, bars, hotels and b & bs. We can study with you products exclusively for your store, providing professionalism, experience and creativity.

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B2C Business to Consumer

Artisan products, original recipes

Thanks to a rich and careful selection of the best ingredients we can offer you quality products for all tastes: flaky croissants such as glutinous ones, without swallowed wheat flour, with cocoa or wholemeal flour. But also sandwiches, bagels, scones and much more!

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