Salty bagels

Gluten free
With no deglutinated wheat flour
Lactose free
Artisanal product
Original recipe without pre-made mixes
With no preservatives and colourings
Hand shaped and crafted


A dense but soft dough, pleasant to bite, like the original Bagels. Slightly salty taste to accompany any type of filling, from smoked salmon to cream cheese with herbs, up to a very pleasant combination of butter and jam, for a truly no-compromise breakfast!


Corn starch, rice flour, quinoa flour, buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, pea protein, psyllium fiber, sugar, dextrose, guar gum, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, extra virgin olive oil, fresh yeast, salt . It may contain TRACES of SESAME, PEANUTS, NUTS and SOY.


The waiting time between placing the order and shipping the products is - on average - 48h. Shipments are made throughout Italy - exclusively on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - via Express Service at 24h (36 / 48h for the South and Islands). The products are prepared at night and shipped in the morning to ensure the best possible quality and freshness.

Nonna Nina consiglia:

"Put it in the oven briefly, without exaggerating or it will become a biscuit! Cut it in half and without further ado prepare a wonderful" sandwich "with the peace of mind of enjoying a top quality gluten-free product!"


Packaging: 4 pieces

4 pieces
8 Pieces
12 Pieces

Topping: None

White sesame
Black Sesame
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