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Angel Food, Delizie senza glutine

Muffin with olives

Muffin with olives

Gluten free
Without swallowed wheat
Lactose free
100% Vegan product
Artisan product
Original recipe without mix
Without preservatives and / or dyes
Spread and worked by hand, one by one
Minimum weight 130g each


Soft and tasty, with extra virgin olive oil to enrich a slow leavening dough for a perfect scone for any time of day, from savory breakfast to late night snacks on the sofa! Perfect to fill with meats and cheeses, accompanied by a good glass of wine / beer. Or even alone, to be devoured with voracious bites!


Corn starch, rice flour, quinoa flour, buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, green & black olives (citric acid, ascorbic acid, ferrous gluconate), pea protein, psyllium fiber, sugar, dextrose, guar gum, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, extra virgin olive oil, fresh yeast, salt. It may contain TRACES of SESAME, PEANUTS, NUTS and SOY.

Attenzione: In caso di discrepanza fa fede l'etichetta del prodotto ricevuto!


The product is specially designed to be frozen, so as to ensure an always available supply of top quality gluten-free artisan products. At room temperature, away from light and heat sources and in a cool and dry environment, the product can be kept for the time indicated on the label.


The waiting time between placing the order and shipping the products is - on average - 48h. Shipments are made throughout Italy - exclusively on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - via Express Service at 24h (36 / 48h for the South and Islands). The products are prepared at night and shipped in the morning to ensure the best possible quality and freshness.

Nonna Nina consiglia..

"Let it defrost at room temperature, pass it quickly in a hot oven to revive it a little, then stuff it as you like: you won't regret it! But don't overdo it, the muffin is very soft and fluffy, otherwise you risk making it dry and uninviting .. "

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