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The crisis, the rise in prices, the skyrocketing bills. Will we manage not to increase the price of our products? Yes, here's how!

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Nuovo ingrediente

La Chufa, o Tiger Nuts, dal gustoso sapore di nocciole e cocco, è un super-food dalle caratteristiche uniche!

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In the "Gluten Free" sector, the vast majority of those who sell "artisan products" use ready-made blends: industrial mixes developed in the laboratory, already balanced, for which it is sufficient add water and / or a few other ingredients to get foolproof results, even with little or no experience. Nothing illegal, of course. They are choices. Ours is to invest every day in research and to propose original and handmade products, prepared with new recipes, starting from scratch from flours, fibers, starches and proteins and without the use of deglutinated wheat starch . We are convinced that the TRUE handcrafted product is the result of the experience , of the continuous research and of the creativity of those who created it and prepared. From start to finish.

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Check the online store regularly, new products are always on the way . Not found what you are looking for? Contact us ! No kilometric price lists but few fresh products prepared from scratch especially for you.

  • Croissants and Fagottini

    Prepared with our secret recipe, with a pastry worthy of a glutinous leavened product: soft and tasty, but above all gluten-free, lactose-free and without swallowing!

    Starting from € 2 
  • Biscuits & Delights

    Recipes and refined ingredients, for tasty and irresistible gluten-free delights prepared by hand, with whole cane sugar, hazelnut flours from Tuscia Viterbese, dark chocolate drops and much more!

    Starting from € 4.50 
  • Bread & Focaccia

    Discover our different varieties of bread, focaccia, bagels and more! All prepared without the use of mixes but with original recipes and noble flours such as Sorghum, Quinoa, Amaranth, Teff, Millet, etc. etc.

    Starting from € 1 

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Thanks to all the valuable customers who have placed their trust in us!

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We remind our kind customers that Angel Food ships all over Italy but it is not a retail store , but a production laboratory : it is It is possible to collect directly from our address the products purchased but - for obvious reasons of hygiene and food safety - it is not possible to access the premises . Thank you!

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