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What is special about your products compared to others?

Well actually are just better than the others. And we don't say it, our customers say it with their reviews!
In addition, unlike other products on the market, we:
- We don't use wheat starch swallowed , nowhere;
- We use our unpublished recipes , developed in our Lab, starting from scratch from flours, fibers, proteins and starches. - We prepare your products only on order , we do not give you things made weeks or months in advance!
- We do not use ready-made mixes or industrial semi-finished products, calling them artisan products .
- We do not use dyes, sweeteners, emulsifiers and much less preservatives ;
- All products are handmade by people who likes to do this job (and it is not a small thing, even if it may seem an insignificant detail. But the difference is felt, and how!).
- Many of the raw materials we use (sugars and flours first of all) come from crops \ productions biological .
- We are committed - always, not only now that it has finally become a global trend - to pollute as little as possible , in all ways: not wasting water, choosing certified suppliers, preferring compostable, biodegradable or at least recyclable packaging. But also using non-polluting cleaning products, limiting the use of food film, etc., etc.

Do you also make gluten-free products?

We produce ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY products without gluten, without swallowed wheat and almost all (with only one / two exceptions) lactose free ! We do nothing else (also because we only have GLUTEN FREE ingredients in our warehouses!)

What does "Made to order" mean?

It means that the products you have received have been prepared especially for you and only after you have placed your order, not before!
Forget products full of preservatives that wait weeks or months on a shelf in some warehouse collecting dust , waiting for someone to buy them!

What does "artisan products" mean?

It means that the use of machinery is limited to the minimum necessary and most of the processing is done by hand . For example, the pastry and the dough of the croissants are rolled out by hand, again with a rolling pin (yes, really!), And the croissants are cut, stuffed and rolled by hand. One by one. In addition we do not use dyes or preservatives and all our products are prepared without mix or ready-made semi-finished products , but with original, unpublished recipes developed by us with commitment and many (MANY !!) tests.

Why don't you have a bigger product offering?

Because we have decided to offer the maximum freshness possible: we have no stocks in stock, each product shipped was made specifically for the person who ordered it. This forces us to limit the breadth of the offer which would otherwise become unmanageable and with very long waiting times!
But we try to "change the menu" as often as we can, both because customers know they can always expect something new, but also because we have fun developing new recipes and improving existing ones!

How can I buy your products?

Through the Angel Food online shop, you can see and possibly buy all our proposals. Payment is made by electronic money: PayPal, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay.
The purchased products are then shipped / delivered to the address indicated in the order or can be collected at the Angel Food laboratory in Delebio (SO).
For special needs it is also possible to ask for the "Fermo Posta" shipment at no extra charge: in this case it is sufficient to contact us, even after completing the order, to indicate the necessary details.
For customers in the area it is possible to order products via Whatsapp or simply by calling our number and also to order products not suitable for shipping, such as cakes, pizzas, cannoncini, beignets, etc. Payment can be made in cash upon collection or by electronic money by sending a specific link to your e-mail address.

Is there a minimum purchase order?

No, it is possible to buy even just a single product, it is not necessary to reach a minimum spending threshold. However, you can save on shipping costs by purchasing multiple products at a time.

Where can I find the list of ingredients?

On the page of each product there is an "Ingredients" section where all the ingredients and any allergens present in the recipe are listed.

How are the products packaged?

Bread, croissants and leavened products in general are packaged in heat-sealed bags. The transparent bags can be put in the microwave oven to heat / defrost the product. The brown bags cannot be put in the microwave or in the traditional oven: to heat the product it is necessary to remove it from the bag.

Are your products also BIO?

Ni. Occasionally we use organic products for biscuits (particular types of cane sugars, flours, etc.) but in general no.

Why don't I see all the products in the online store that I see on social media?

Because from the online store you can only buy products that can be shipped throughout Italy. Many other products, such as cannoncini, beignets, pizza, etc. etc. they are only available for collection at the Angel Food Laboratory in Delebio (SO). It is possible to book and purchase these products via email or Whatsapp and follow the following instructions that will be provided.

Can the purchased products be returned?

No, as they are perishable food products. But in the unfortunate event something went wrong and you are not satisfied with what you received, contact us and we will do everything to try to resolve the situation, understand what the problem was and propose a solution.

How can I keep the purchased products?

"Dry" products such as biscuits, freselle, breading mixes etc. etc. they can be stored at room temperature, in a cool and dry place away from heat sources, until the term indicated in the relevant information. Croissants, bread, bundles and leavened products are produced on the day of shipment, so they are kept fragrant in their freshness-saving bag for a few days (approximately 4/5 days), like a fresh product that you buy in the oven. Angel Food products do not contain preservatives of any kind, so it is advisable to freeze the product as soon as it arrives. In this way the storage time is extended up to 60/90 days. Do you still have doubts? Contact us , we will be happy to answer you and help you!

Do you also make cakes to order?

Of course, but unfortunately we don't ship them. The cakes can only be picked up, by appointment, at the Angel Food Laboratory in Delebio (SO). All our customers who want to book a cake, ask for a quote or have more information about it can contact us without hesitation, we will be happy to answer any question!

Angel food

The company

What is Angel Food?

Angel Food is an artisanal food company, born from the idea of ​​professionals working in the Ho.Re.Ca. since many years. It is a production laboratory, but also of continuous research of quality ingredients and the development of recipes, with the aim of offering those suffering from gluten intolerance an alternative that has nothing to envy to "glutinous" products.

What do you do?

We produce gluten-free pastry and gastronomy. Exclusively gluten-free, so you can be sure to avoid cross-contamination with foods or ingredients at risk. Our products are available both in the laboratory and throughout Italy through delivery in 24h / 36h by courier. Whether you are private individuals or companies interested in our products, we will always try to answer your needs.

Where are you?

Angel Food is based in Valtellina, to be precise in Delebio in the province of Sondrio, surrounded by wonderful valleys and mountains, a stone's throw from Lake Como. The choice of location is not accidental but has been designed to be on the main route of the most important couriers working in the Province, so that our shipments can always leave on time.

What time do you do?

The Angel Food laboratory is open from 10:30 to 20:30, from Monday to Saturday. At these times it is also possible, by prior appointment , to come and collect the products ordered and for which the option of on-site collection has been chosen. ATTENTION! The Laboratory is not open to the public!

When and how can I contact you?

It is possible to contact us from 10:30 to 18:30, from Monday to Saturday via Whatsapp or phone (find the references at the bottom of the page), or every day h24 at the email address info (@) Or through the chats of our social profiles of Instagram and Facebook. In case of email check that our reply has not accidentally ended up in the spam folder!

ATTENTION! Messenger and Instagram notifications are really inefficient: to be sure of having a quick response it is preferable to use Whatsapp!

Can I "drop by" in person?

Actually Nì .. We are not a shop, but a production laboratory. It is possible to pass, by appointment, to collect the ordered products, but we do not have a dedicated space in which to welcome customers and display our products.
And obviously, for reasons of hygiene and food safety, we cannot let the people inside the laboratory.

Angel Food

Shipping, delivery and collection

Do you ship all over Italy?

Yes, we ship throughout Italy, including Sicily and Sardinia. Generally shipments to central-northern Italy take 24 hours, while for the south and the islands the time is approximately 48 hours.

How much is shipping?

The cost of shipping, for amounts below € 79.9, is € 8.90. Shipping is free from € 79.90.

How long will it take to process my order?

AVERAGE orders are processed within 24 / 36h from their receipt. In particular periods of the year (holidays, etc.) or in particular conditions (presence of numerous orders due to promotions, discounts or other, etc.) times could be lengthened. We will ALWAYS do our best to process every order as quickly as possible, but please remember that we are an artisan laboratory and not a food industry: the processing is mostly done by hand and not mechanized and the products are prepared only when they are ordered, with what follows in terms of quality and attention to the product but also of timing.

When and how are shipments made?

Shipments are made exclusively on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday : orders received after 23:59 on Tuesday are automatically scheduled for the following week. Net of any unforeseen events, the shipment is expressed in 24h . For the Islands and some less served areas it is possible to take up to 36 / 48h. Once the shipment has been entrusted to the courier you will receive a notification via e-mail with the details for the tracking of the package (usually the notification arrives in the late afternoon).

Are shipments always accurate and on time?

We would like to, but the unexpected happens sometimes. On average, deliveries do not have particular delays or problems and within 24h (36 / 48h for islands and poorly served areas) the package arrives safe and sound. However, we recommend avoiding "tightrope" shipments: if you leave for your holidays on Thursday morning and place your order on Monday, there is a risk that some inconvenience will occur (Murphy's law docet ..) and the delivery will be postponed. No bueno.

Is there free shipping?

Yes, starting from € 79.90 shipping is free, throughout Italy, including the islands!

Do you also ship cash on delivery?

No, we are sorry but for the moment we do not carry out this type of shipment.

Can I check the status of my shipment?

Of course! At the same time as the delivery of your package to the carrier you will be sent an email with the confirmation of the shipment and the tracking code of the package. In addition, the carrier will send a series of messages via email to constantly update the delivery status. Although it is possible to change the place and time of delivery even once the package has been shipped, we advise you not to do so , otherwise delivery times will be extended.

Do the products travel at a controlled temperature / with ice etc.?

No, the products travel at room temperature, duly packed and packaged . All products are designed to be shipped at room temperature. Only during the summer, in particularly hot periods, we avoid to offer those products whose fragrance could be compromised by the heat (usually chocolate, etc.)

What should I do if I choose the retreat at the Angel Food Laboratory in Delebio (SO)?

Nothing! After the order and within about 24 / 36h, you will receive a message indicating the day and time from which the purchased products can be collected. You can confirm or modify these details through simple messages via Whatsapp / Mail / Sms. Remember that the products are prepared the night before collection / delivery, so if you plan to postpone the collection, let us know in time and we will postpone the preparation, to ensure a product that is always fresh and fragrant!

I have an appointment at 6:30 pm for the collection of the products at the Laboratory, it's okay if I pass at 3:00 pm, right?

Unfortunately not! Indeed, there is the risk that there is no one at the Laboratory and that you have to wait for the return from deliveries to be able to collect your order. possible to fulfill all requests!
In case of unforeseen changes in schedules it is strongly recommended to notify well in advance in order to guarantee you the best and speedy service you deserve and that you rightly expect from us. Thank you!

Is the collection of products at the Laboratory free of charge?

Of course yes, it would be criminal to ask the customer to also pay for the collection of his products!

Can I send the products to another person, for example as a gift?

Of course! It will be sufficient to indicate in the shipping address the data of the person to whom you want to send the products. And if you want to insert a dedication or a note in the package, just contact us and give us all the necessary information. Free of course, it will be a pleasure for us to take care of it!

Can I avoid entering my phone number when placing the order?

Of course , if for any reason you do not want to enter your telephone number among the data necessary for placing the order, just don't do it. BUT when the courier needs to contact you for delivery, he could not do so, thus risking causing delays and unpleasant inefficiencies.
Having said that, it is important to remember that data inserted are carefully and jealously guarded and are not transferred in any way to anyone, for any reason.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or clarifications, we are here to answer you.

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