What we do and how we do it

Welcome to Angel Food!

gluten free solutions, made in italy

  • We offer gluten-free solutions, recipes, support and ideas, the result of studies and experiences in the HoReCa business. And the courtesy and professionalism of those who do this job with passion.

  • In this modern era of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, we choose to focus on the human touch and intuitions, because for us technology is a tool and not a goal. 

  • Consumables and packaging are designed giving priority to environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable products: not because doing so is "trendy", but because it is terribly late and there is still so much left to do.

  • We have developed a special, unique product in the gluten-free global scene: Angel Mix, for retail consumers and baking or food companies. All the products we prepare are made with our mix, check them out on Instagram!

  • We love to learn: new recipes, new products, new ingredients. We are curious about everything that happens in the gluten-free world, and not only in that, to continuously update and improve what we do.

  • We ship Angel Mix to bakeries in Italy, but even to Spain, UK, Switzerland, Holland, Canada, US, Germany and more. If you're reading this, you'll love Angel Mix!

Introducing Angel Mix!

Are you ready to discover a new frontier in gluten-free and vegan baking? With “Angel Mix” you can transform your experience in the kitchen and surprise yourself and your customers with sweet and savory gluten-free baked goods, without gluten-free wheat and completely vegan.

Angel Mix” is the powder improver you were looking for: formulated with vegetable fibers and proteins and hydrocolloids, it will allow you to create a wide range of delicacies, such as croissants, parcels, bread, pizza, bagels, donuts, krafen, brioches, puff pastry and much more, all gluten-free and vegan.
One of the most surprising features of “Angel Mix” is its versatilityand the possibility of customization. Thanks to its special formula, you will be able to use your favorite gluten-free flours and starches, creating unique and tailor-made products to satisfy the tastes and needs of your customers and yours. business.
Furthermore, with “Angel Mix” you will receive a detailed recipe book that will guide you in the preparation of gluten-free and vegan delights, offering you inspiration to experiment with new recipes and test your creativity culinary.

If you want to enrich your offer with high quality gluten-free and vegan products, “Angel Mix” is the perfect solution for you. Exploit the potential of this innovative product and offer an gluten-free authentic and satisfying experience.
Don't miss the opportunity to discover the world of "Angel Mix" and take your gluten-free and vegan baking to the next level.

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By the way, these products are all prepared with our Angel Mix

Angel Food is a gluten-free company. Our headquarters are in the small town of Delebio. We are in the province of Sondrio, in the north region of Italy called Lombardia, at 100km from Milan and very close to Switerland border.