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What we do and how we do it

We offer products, but above all solutions and ideas without gluten and without deglutinated wheat starch, the result of continuous studies and experience in the gluten-free sector. And we offer the courtesy and kindness of those who do this job with pleasure, and know the value of a genuine smile.

Angel Mix is the result of our work: a revolutionary improving additive, specially designed for the preparation of gluten-free products, without deglutinated wheat starch and 100% vegan, but not only.

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Our spirit

What inspires us and makes us unique


We like to experiment: new recipes, new products, new ingredients. We are curious about everything happens inside, outside and around the world of gluten-free, and not only in that, to continuously improve what we do.


Consumables and packaging are designed giving priority to environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable products: not because doing so is "trendy", but because it is terribly late and there is still so much left to do.

Customer care

The relationships built with our customers are as important as the products and services we offer. Consultancy, support, trust and seriousness are always included in the experience promoted by Angel Food.

You don't need so many gluten-free mixes!

Let us amaze you with our Angel Mix

Discover the thousand gluten-free products you can prepare with Angel Mix, using our recipes or the most famous gluten-free multipurpose flour blends!

You choose starches and flours

Try Angel Mix with Schar

Try it with NutriFree

Angel Mix is ​​designed for laboratories, bakeries, pastry shops and professionals in the baking sector, but also for private consumers who like to test themselves and "get their hands dirty"

Angel Mix revolutionizes your work: purchases, logistics, inventory management, everything is simpler because there are not dozens of different mixes to worry about

With Angel Mix you can prepare gluten-free, wheat starch free and vegan baked goods, but also with eggs, butter, honey, milk etc. if you want

Angel Mix is ​​a gluten-free powder additive based on fiber and vegetable proteins, to prepare sweet and savory croissants, bagels, bread, donuts, pizza, brioches, puff pastry and much more

Exploit the potential of this innovative product, use the detailed recipe book that will guide you in preparing gluten-free and wheat starch free delights

The Angel Mix cookbook is free

Celiac disease can even make you smile!

Discover our merchandising collections, they too are gluten-free: they are designed to take lightly and with the right spirit what for some is a choice of alternative diet and for others is a chronic pathology.

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The complete recipe book is included in the purchase.

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