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  • 450g Rice flour
  • 50g Corn starch
  • 190g Caster sugar
  • 250g Margarine (or Butter if you prefer) at room temperature
  • 3 large whole eggs (about 150/160g, shelled weight)
  • 3g Bicarbonate
  • 3g Xanthan
  • 3g Fine salt
  • Flavor of your choice (vanilla, lemon peel, orange peel, etc.)

    Combine all the ingredients, except the eggs, in the mixer and mix everything with the hook whisk, until you get a "crumb" without large lumps (it will take about 10 minutes at low/medium speed).

    Add the lightly beaten eggs and cook until a compact, homogeneous and smooth mixture is obtained. If necessary, add a drop of liquid (water, milk, delactosed milk, liquid cream, etc.) until the desired consistency is obtained.

    The dough thus prepared can be used immediately without any resting phase, or it can be - duly covered - stored in the refrigerator (for 4/5 days) or in the freezer, up to 60 days from the production date.

    If the shortcrust pastry is refrigerated or frozen, before being rolled out to the desired thickness it is advisable to work it for a few minutes in a planetary mixer (or by hand on the work table), so as to restore its initial consistency and elasticity.

    Roll out to 5mm for bases of tarts, tartlets, etc. or 3/4mm for various biscuits, ox eyes, etc.

    Cooking in a ventilated oven at 160°C according to the product, in any case not beyond the surface browning.

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