Gluten-free, wheatfree and 100% vegan Croissants and "Pain au Chocolat"

Basic recipe x 10 Croissants

240g Corn starch
40g Very fine white or brown rice flour
20g Potato starch
10g Tapioca starch
5g White buckwheat flour (optional)
40g Granulated sugar
4g Fine salt
55g Angel Mix
20g Fresh yeast

250g Cold water from the fridge
15g Vegetable oil

150g Margarine for Croissants/Puff Pastry


Gather all the powders in the mixer bowl and start it at low speed using the "hook".

Pour in the liquid ingredients and continue to work for about ten minutes, switching to medium-high speed and cleaning, from time to time and with the machine off, the sides of the bowl, using a spatula and bringing the mixture back to the centre.

In the meantime, form a rectangle with the margarine, bringing it to a thickness of about 1cm. It doesn't need to be an extremely precise rectangle, the thickness just needs to be uniform. If you use NON-professional margarine or the room temperature is particularly high, it is recommended to leave the margarine in the freezer for 3/4 minutes before using it.

Move the dough to the table, and dusting with rice starch as needed, create a long, narrow rectangle. It is the classic system for incorporating the fat part into a dough for puff pastry or croissants.

Give two single folds at a thickness of 7/8mm, trying not to use too much rice starch, and in this case be careful to brush off the exceed. If you need further help on how to proceed, please refer to our tutorial videos on the Angel Food YouTube channel, or any other video about laminating flaky dough: there are literally thousands of them on the Internet.

Roll out a rectangle with the long side at max 46/48cm, but this time to a thickness of 5/6mm. Cut out 5 rectangles with a 9cm/9,5cm short side and obtain two croissants from each one, cutting lengthwise from one corner to the other, diagonally. This will give you a total of 10 croissants.

Do not throw away any scraps of dough, but divide them into the center of each croissant before rolling it. Spray the surface of the triangle with water and roll, without tightening too much, to form the classic croissant, leaving the tip underneath when you place it in the baking pan.


Leave to rise for approximately 80/90 minutes at a temperature of 42/45°C, or at least until the volume triples, with a humidity of 60/70%.

Alternatively place the pan in a bag - with the side that will touch the top of the croissants, previously brushed with oil or non-stick spray - and leave to rise in a turned off oven with a bowl of very hot water, to be replaced every half hour or so, so as to guarantee the necessary temperature for leavening, which must be at least 40°C.


Preheat the fan oven to 180°C and bake the product for 23 minutes. At the end you should have light, golden brown, crunchy croissants, with little to no melted fat on the bottom of the baking tray. Cool on a wire rack, fill and consume, or freeze at -18°C for up to 60 days from the production date.

Tips & Tricks

For perfect success it is essential to follow the instructions carefully. Once you become familiar with the procedures and ingredients you can begin to personalize the recipe, adding flavourings, special flours, etc. but maintaining the texture and characteristic of the dough unchanged.

It is also possible to use the non professional margarine you buy at your local shop (but NOT the spreadable type) to laminate the dough. However, the use of a professional margarine is recommended, because it is much easier to handle even in very hot environments or during summertime.

If you want an even more neutral product, reduce the sugar to 15g, if you prefer a savory product, increase the salt indicated in the recipe to 8g. In this case you can garnish the surface with sesame, sunflower, poppy seeds, etc. Use plant-based or lactose-free milk to help the seeds stick.



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"Pain au Chocolat"

With the same recipe and the same procedure you can prepare fantastic gluten-free "Pain Au Chocolat" . Simply cut out rectangles instead of triangles, add the dark or white chocolate bars, and roll the dough. Leavening and baking procedures are the same.

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"Do you want a puffier and an even lighter product? Slightly increase the amount of water indicated in the recipe!"

Cocoa croissants

From the basic recipe it's enough to replace the light buckwheat flour with 10g of bitter cocoa. Procedure, leavening and baking stages are the same as the original recipe. Couldn't be simpler than this! A single mix for so many different products, money and time saving and top quality! What else?

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"If you prefer a more dry and more crunchy product, you can reduce the amount of water from the basic recipe"

Wholemeal croissants

Use brown rice flour only, instead of white rice flour, replace the white buckwheat flour with wholemeal buckwheat flour , and add 5g of wholemeal sorghum flour . They are perfect if brushed with honey as soon as you pop them out from the oven!

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Craving for some gluten-free butter croissants? No problem!

With Angel Mix you can prepare delicious gluten-free  butter croissants too, for a rich buttery treat. Just replace the puff pastry margarine with an equal amount of croissant butter and add (optional) 15g powdered milk to the basic recipe. Proof for longer - at no more than 30°C - reduce the baking time to 17 minutes and enjoy a product that has nothing to envy to "glutinous" products!!

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