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Angel Food

Fried bombs

Fried bombs

Pack of 10 pieces
Gluten free

Without swallowed wheat
100% Vegan
Original recipe
Without preservatives, emulsifiers and/or colourants
Stretched and worked by hand, one by one
Weight approximately 50g per piece


Soft and delicious, our gluten-free and vegan fried krapfen are sold "smooth", i.e. empty and without sugar on the outside. They are perfect for being filled with creams and jams as you like, and sprinkled with icing (or granulated) sugar for an unmissable treat!


Corn starch, brown rice flour, flax flour, tapioca starch, ANGEL MIX, sugar, sunflower seed oil, yeast, salt, natural flavourings. May contain TRACES of PEANUTS, NUTS and SOYA.

Please be aware: In case of discrepancy, the label of the product received is the one reliable!


The product can be stored at room temperature, in its tightly closed packaging, in a cool, dry place, away from light, for approximately 3 days starting from the indicated production date. For prolonged storage we recommend freezing for a maximum of 60 days from the production date.


The waiting time between placing the order and shipping the products is - on average - 48 hours. Shipments are made throughout Italy - exclusively on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - via 24 hour Express Service (36/48 hours for the South and Islands). The products are prepared at night and shipped in the morning to ensure the best possible quality and freshness.

Grandma "Nina" says..

"Keep the krapfen in the freezer and heat them slightly in the oven before consuming them. Fill them with a rich vanilla custard or fruit jam, preferably homemade, sprinkle with icing sugar and devour them without feeling guilty!"

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