Anhydrous butter

The preparation of puffed products, whether they are croissants or fans, requires the use of fat to work the dough in a workmanlike manner. butter is the fat par excellence, the one that allows you to obtain the most fragrant and fragrant products, but there is a problem ..
To obtain quality results that are constant over time, a laboratory has the need to have a stable product, easily workable, absolutely fresh and above all gluten-free and lactose-free, so as to respond to the numerous requests of those who are not only celiac, but also - and it is a very common "combo" - also lactose intolerant.

The "best" solution is vegetable margarine : it has a very low cost , it has a plasticity and a resistance to temperatures which make it perfect to work in both summer and winter. However, it has a very present aftertaste: on the upper surface of the oral cavity, during the tasting, a covering layer of fat forms, which leaves that feeling of "kneading" which is not exactly pleasant.

The right solution ? Anhydrous butter, which is produced by extracting water and lean dry residues such as lactose and proteins from normal butter, thus obtaining a cream with 99% fat ( here and here you can find interesting insights). This gives the final product the taste and fragrance characteristics of butter, ensuring perfect digestibility for those who are faced with lactose intolerance.
And this is the butter we use every day for our puffed products. And you can feel the difference ..

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