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Chufa - nowadays considered a superfood thanks to its important nutritional properties - is considered a weed in many countries, due to its rapid growth and difficult eradication in other crops. However, it is highly appreciated in other places where it has been domesticated for its nutritional properties and its characteristic sweet flavour, reminiscent of hazelnut, coconut and almond.

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AND a herbaceous plant with huge stems that produces edible tubers known colloquially as chufa or, in Italy, as buntings. The growth of these tubers is determined by the choice of sandy soils and a temperate climate, therefore the Mediterranean climate is essential for their production.

This tuber has a rough shape and a dark brown color that is close to the color of the earth and its appearance is reminiscent of hazelnuts. The most common shape of the chufa is rounded, but they can also be slightly elongated. It is also edible raw .

In Spain, the country thanks to which the chufa has become more famous, this tuber is mainly used to make a drink called "horchata" . However, recently buntings have been re-evaluated and are now considered a superfood in many parts of the world.

The nutritional properties of chufa flour range from vegetable proteins to vitamins C and E or minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium or zinc. All this without forgetting that it is rich in oleic acid and Omega 9.

Chufa flour is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Consuming sufficient fiber is an essential step for digestion, but also for the immune system, since not being absorbed by the digestive system, they pass through it and help the intestinal passage, dragging toxins, waste and cholesterol particles to expel them from the body .

Chufa and its flour provide a small amount of amino acids, including arginine, which is particularly useful in very young children for the development of the immune system and also necessary to strengthen the defenses in adults . Furthermore, arginine increases the production of nitric oxide with the consequent vasodilation, improving blood pressure and circulation and also has a certain aphrodisiac effect.

This tuber is very special therefore e it has an interesting lipid content . Chufa oil is quite similar to olive oil with over 70% oleic acid. To this we add the content of about 9% linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid of the omega-6 series that is also found in similar quantities in sesame and hazelnut oils.

It also contains phospholipids , essential for stabilizing cell membranes. Phospholipids prevent cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and, in turn, reduce hypercholesterolemia. Finally, again for heart health, it also contains antioxidants (vitamin E and C).

Chufa flour can help you lose weight in several ways. First of all, it has a sweet taste of its own, which it can lead to avoidance of sugar use or abuse . In addition, it has a very high satiating power, which also helps against anxiety hunger attacks.

On the other hand, the fibers and resistant starch help the intestines to be less inflamed and to free themselves more easily, thus leading to better slimming and greater weight control. It helps those with slow digestion and is also recommended for those with heaviness or heartburn problems.

The beauty of chufa flour is that being a tuber it goes practically well with any diet . From the paleo diet , the blood type diet (regardless of the group to which they belong), le anti-inflammatory diets against autoimmune diseases low glycemic impact diets and of course it's also great for normal nutrition. Anyone who wants to pay attention to their health can include it among their nutritious foods.

Being gluten-free, nickel-free and particularly nutritious, it really can be a valid joker in the kitchens of people who have to limit cereal flours in their diet. Obviously, as happens with any food, it must be tried and tested to understand if it is well tolerated by the intestine. And, as with all foods, it is not advisable to cure them.

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