Potential customers often call us asking for a small cake for a ceremony. And they underline 'baby'.

It's a classic: they have found themselves with one or two guests, or even just the birthday boy, with gluten and/or lactose intolerance and therefore need a 'small' gluten-free cake to be dedicated exclusively to them.

However, what the vast majority of people ignore is that classic cakes can be easily prepared gluten-free without any deterioration in quality and organoleptic characteristics, such as aroma, flavour, consistency, softness on the palate, etc.

gluten-free and lactose-free sacher cake angel food glutenfree

Prepare a gluten-free and lactose-free Sacher Cake or Saint-Honoré, not to mention even simpler tarts or cakes, here at Angel Food it is possible and no one would be able to distinguish the difference between one for celiacs and one 'glutinous' prepared by us!

Not only because after thousands of tests we have managed to perfect our recipes and choose the best ingredients for our gluten-free preparations, but also because - much more simply - many classic pastry preparations can be prepared with naturally gluten-free ingredients.

gluten-free saint-honoré cake angel food gluten-free

Just think of the shortcrust pastry, which must be compact, fragrant, and rightly crumbly. All characteristics that are certainly not given by the presence of gluten, on the contrary! The best flour for a good shortcrust pastry should have a low percentage of gluten, so as not to make the mixture too gummy and elastic and also withstand long handling, but once again the economic factor comes into play and a poor soft wheat flour of gluten is always much cheaper than a naturally gluten-free rice flour.

The same goes for creams and fillings, which can easily be prepared with naturally gluten-free starches and flours: from the classic custard to the chocolate icing for our Sacher-Torte, if prepared with quality ingredients (i.e. vanilla, whether it is real vanilla, fresh eggs, quality milk, etc.) are practically indistinguishable from those so averse to coeliacs or gluten averse.

fruit tart strawberries cream gluten free lactose free angel food glutenfree

So our answer, when you call Angel Food for a 'small' gluten-free (but also lactose-free!) cake will simply be: "Why don't we make it for everyone?"

PS: Even the cost is absolutely competitive with the prices of 'glutinous' pastry shops! Don't believe it? Contact us for a quote and we will discuss it together.

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